April 17 - International Day of Peasant Struggle

Happy International Day of Peasant Struggle!

Shout out to the poor, rural Black, brown and indigenous farmers tending the land and keeping us all fed out here. Let’s take a moment to thank the people who grew our food today! Let's commit to supporting their fight for self-determination, clean water, access to land, freedom from gender violence, safe living & working conditions and food sovereignty.

On a sweltering planet, these seed keepers hold the knowledge so desperately needed to cure the ills of our broken food system. On this April 17, La Via Campesina is asking for “a strengthening of peasant family farming, which guarantees the right of rural and urban workers to healthy food at fair prices and makes possible the effective implementation of the Peasants' Rights Declaration all over the world.”

I hope we can each take some time to read the Peasants’ Rights Declaration and get behind this movement today and every day!