In the best of circumstances surrounding our lives, it requires an enormous amount of mutual, consistent support for us to be emotionally able to look straight into the face of the powers aligned against us and still do our work with joy. – Audre Lorde

Living in these times fully conscious requires untold stores of strength and courage. Medicinal plants provide a balm for the spirit, strengthening us as we continue in the struggle for collective liberation. In contrast to allopathic medicine (which isolates disease to the cellular level, with pharmaceuticals dispensed to erase symptoms), herbalism is about supporting the whole person. Medicinal plants work on a long-term, subtle and energetic level, and identifying herbal allies is part of a process that often includes lifestyle and dietary changes. This work can be deep, if you allow it. 

In a consultation, we will explore the plants that are best suited to you and your situation, using herbs to support your body's own effort in its drive toward balance. The plants' medicinal actions, energetics, flavors and constituents are what we will rely upon to do this work.

I feel a particular calling to work with those seeking to build personal power in the face of oppression, connect with intuition, work through trauma, address depression, anxiety, blood sugar issues and food intolerance, treat skin conditions and heal the gut.


Initial consult and one follow up: $110*. This includes intake, an assessment in-person or via Skype and a write-up of the herbal protocol that will best support you. Tinctures, loose tea and other herbal preparations are not included in this cost. 

Supplemental follow up: $45*. This is for anyone who might like to address new issues that have arisen since our initial consult, tweak an herbal formula I have given them, or check-in about how a protocol is working. 

*Please let me know if my rate is prohibitive as I am open to trades, payment plans and other arrangements.

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Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and am not licensed to diagnose, cure, or treat any illnesses.